Louise WhiteheadI am Louise Rolfe.

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I am a BACP registered and Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist, working from my clinic in St Austell Bay business park.  I offer Counselling and Psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families and groups as well as Life Transition Coaching Consultations. With over 20 years in the Psychotherapeutic field, my aim is to aid people experiencing personal and professional challenges to achieve a better quality of life through working together to increase self awareness. My specialist area is working with individuals who suffer with stress, anxiety, dis-ease in the body and depression caused by relationship or work related issues or by major and traumatic life changes such as divorce, bereavement or loss of a close relationship. Stuck thought patterns can create blockages emotionally which can manifest in the body. By identifying those thought patterns, we can work together to work through the emotional issue, therefore creating positive change. I believe that the intuitive and empathic relationship between therapist and client is one of the most important and healing parts of working together.

Making the most of ourselves is a very basic motivational instinct that we all recognise within us. Clients have often said that as a result of working with me they have been able to develop the awareness, attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours necessary to lead rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying lives through:-

  • Getting to know and understand themselves better
  • Utilising coping strategies to deal with personal difficulties e.g. anger, anxiety, bereavement, phobias, panic, self esteem, stress and trauma
  • Building, sustaining and revitalising relationships with others
  • Valuing difference in others
  • Improving parenting and family relationship capabilities
  • Developing their professional careers
  • Adjusting to the life changes needed to support family with developmental delay and learning difficulties
  • Believing that they can lead others successfully
  • Exploring their spiritual side

My experiences ranges from working with relationship issues, supporting in times of change, loss or life turbulence, to motivating people in refocusing and moving forward in life. I work alongside the individual aiding others to unblock their way forward, no matter which challenges are faced.

My main training being in Social Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT and Mind Body Therapy, PSYCH-K and Animal Therapy, I work with individuals, small groups and couples on a long or short term basis Psychotherapy approach modelled on each individual’s specific needs. I am also experienced in Motivational and Leadership Coaching for businesses across the country and the USA. I use the influences of my training in Occupational Therapy, NLP, Stress Management, Art Therapy and Business Coaching to aid my clients in acquiring techniques to apply in everyday life. The key is to help individuals to support themselves and to unlock the true potential that lies within…

Please visit www.reachyrpotential.com  for more information on the coaching and personal development work that I have developed.  Thank you


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