Once you have chosen the service you need, I can work with you in one of 2 ways.

Weekly Psychotherapy Sessions or Executive Coaching

Weekly Psychotherapy Sessions
I provide face to face consultations for both individuals and couples. Depending on the complexity of the issues involved and your current situation, we will meet on a weekly or ad hoc basis. I work with adults in both long term and short term therapy. This can mean as little as 1 – 6 sessions or for years.

Sessions are 1 hour long. I use a combination of methods depending on the needs of the individual.

If you decide to have therapy, our first meeting will be a mutual assessment and an opportunity for you and I to explore how we might work together. During the first session it is usually decided whether therapy needs to be on a short or long term basis.

After initial consultation, further sessions will be held weekly or as agreed.

I am professionally supervised and committed to ongoing development as a means to maintain, deepen and expand my skills.

Executive Coaching
I provide face to face Executive Coaching consultations for individuals and groups based on Leadership and Motivational strategy. Using a set of psychometric tools, I use these along with coaching sessions which concentrate on effective communication as a Leader, how to modify your behaviour with clients and colleagues and how to improve performance by getting the best out of your people. I also aid the individual to find new ways of working to implement immediate change into their lives.
There are two tools which I favour. The first is a behavioural tool, (DISC) measures a persons work style behaviour. It is a great indicator for how people naturally work and how they may get the best out of working with others who have a very different working style. The other tool which I find works brilliantly is the Emotional Intelligence tool (EIQ). This measures characteristics such as well being, motivation, stress management and how emotionally aware people are of others. These tools not only identify working strengths and key areas for development but bring up the need for coping strategies which is where the work begins.
All coaching is tailored to the client’s needs, starting with a 1hr audit meeting to assess and plan a coaching programme. Sessions are usually 1-2hrs long with about a 2 week gap in-between to practice skills. All coaching is targeted at long term development and to aid the individual to reach the point where they are continuously communicate at their best.

Sessions are usually 1 ½ hrs long and are carried out fortnightly or as agreed.

I work alone but also with a number of highly trained professionals to find the best possible outcome for you and your personal and professional circumstances. These professionals range from experienced headhunters, who work with me in career transition programmes to trainers, coaches, psychologists and psychotherapists all of whom I have built up long standing relationships and trust with over the past 15 years.


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