Gestalt Therapy is challenging yet supportive counselling and psychotherapy which is based on the insight that a person is perceived as a whole or a pattern, made up of many parts. The idea is to ‘be with’ the patterns, parts of the person, helping them into new awareness so that they can use the tools themselves once they leave the therapy room.

Gestalt Therapy offers:

  • A safe and confidential setting in which to talk through confusions/difficulties, whether support or challenge is needed.
  • A supportive way to allow one to regain the parts of themselves that have had to be given up, or that were stifled or survived when they were children; bringing excitement and vitality into areas of life that may have become empty of meaning.
  • Creative ways to learn self-love and self-support
  • An opportunity to experiment and discover new behaviours and nourishing contact in relationships
  • The opportunity to explore and express feelings that you have come to consider unacceptable or difficult through both verbal and non verbal communication.

Gestalt Therapy might be helpful for people who:

  • Are interested in personal development and growth.
  • Are going through some kind of life crisis.
  • Wish to explore and clarify real and perceived current problems.
  • Are experiencing emotional confusion or distress.
  • Wish to explore their spiritual side.



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