I have spent my professional life working with people from all walks of life, from team building with students to mentoring senior members of national and international organisations around the world. This polarity of experiences I find gives me the understanding needed of the diverse cultures and lifestyles which contributes to the whole picture of team communication and lack of productivity.

The experience and background in psychology and psychotherapy along with voluntary work for many years with those who have fallen on hard times, especially during this recession has given me invaluable insight which guides my current work. The projects that I have been involved with involve interacting with a whole range of interesting individuals, making sense of complex information and working alongside people to implement positive change.

Originally from Southampton, I have worked in London and now hold a full time clinic in Cornwall, having worked IN the USA, travelling extensively around the world both for exploration and enjoyment. The fulfilment and satisfaction that I gain from helping others to unlock their potential is the best part of the process but I do enjoy the challenge of getting there.

With this in mind, I see myself as a catalyst to help people to understand themselves better, to guide and mentor allowing the individual to see what is holding them back and to identify ways of moving forward with clarity and confidence. This allows clients to remove real or perceived barriers; instead taking positive steps towards their own personal growth and empowerment, on a soul level.


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